Buttermilk Glacier Summer Snow Sessions

Buttermilk Glacier AVSCFor the ninth year, AVSC will host summer skiing and snowboarding training at Buttermilk! Our continued summer on snow training at Buttermilk has been instrumental in our tremendous athletic success and have helped lower our injury rate. Each week will start with a goal-setting session to get focused and achieve the most out of our training. Buttermilk Glacier has attracted Snowboard, Mogul, Pipe and Park teams from UT and CO; we are proud to share our high-quality facility with other teams!   

Buttermilk Glacier Training Facility Features: 
  • 23’x 23’ Small Airbag - Perfect for younger athletes to work on basic jumps all the way up to backflips and 720 spins
  • 50’x 50’ Big Airbag - For advanced athletes to continue their progression
  • On snow jumps (small and large) - For athletes to take their new skills / tricks to snow
  • Boxes and rails
  • Moguls, Mogul Jumps and Absorption track 

Summer Schedule 

Session Schedule:
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  9:00am-12:30pm
    • Session 1: June 7-8-9
    • Session 2: June 14-15-16
    • Session 3: June 21-22-23
    • Session 4: June 28-29-30

Session Details:
  • Available to athletes enrolled in an AVSC Part time (2-3 day) program or guest athletes (Enrolled in a full time, year-round program? Contact your coach; Buttermilk Glacier is built into your training schedule.)
  • Limited number of athletes per session to ensure plenty of repetitions

  • $225 per session for AVSC Athletes enrolled in 2 or 3-Day Programs
  • $275 per session for Guest (non-AVSC athletes)
  • $325 Combo Glacier and tramp per session for AVSC Athletes enrolled in 2 or 3-Day Programs
  • $375 Combo Glacier and tramp per session for Guest (non-AVSC athletes)