Program Philosophy

The general philosophy of AVSC Nordic programs is to provide all youth in the Roaring Fork Valley with the opportunity to experience Nordic skiing as a fun and competitive sport. Opportunities will be provided by the availability of need-based scholarships and fostered by a dynamic pipeline of progressive development programs intended to advance athletes of all ages and ability levels. AVSC Nordic believes that commitment, teamwork, and integrity are an essential part of the competitive sport experience. All AVSC Nordic coaches, staff, volunteers and athletes are expected to learn and live by a strict code of values emphasizing character, work ethic, healthy competition, leadership, and inclusion. Ultimately, the AVSC Nordic program aims to achieve national and international success by utilizing world class facilities, executing science based training, providing exceptional coaching support, and hosting high quality events.

The AVSC Nordic program’s main focus will always be on the best interest of our student-athletes and fostering a love for Nordic skiing. Our goal is to create healthy athletes that always put forth their best attitude and effort, live each day with intention, and strive for personal excellence. 

Nordic program success can be measured by athlete participation at all levels, athlete community involvement, alumni community involvement, results, representation at major championship events (Junior Nationals, Scando Cups, and World Juniors), and placement of athletes onto College teams, post-grad teams, and/or the USST.

Parent Handbook

Please follow the link below to access our Parent Handbook

2023/24 Parent Handbook (24/25 handbook coming soon!)

Helping Your Skier to Thrive

Program Recommendations 2023/24

AVSC’s Nordic Programs are designed for children to progress in ability and commitment from our Bill Koch (BK) programs through the high school Team/Programs (see development pipeline flow chart on page 5). Coaching staff recommendations based on age and ability are listed below. There is some purposeful age overlap built into program descriptions for parent discretion. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s preferences with a coach.
Age Group Birth Year Ability Program Recommendation
U8 2016 and 2017 All BK Program
U10 2014 and 2015 Beginner BK Program or PreDevo
U10 2014 and 2013 Advanced Pre Devo
U12 2012 and 2013 Beginner Pre Devo or Devo
U12 2012 and 2013 Advanced Devo 
U14 2010 and 2011 All Devo (U16 Race Team if 2nd Year U14 and in 8th Grade)
U16 2008 and 2009 Beginner Devo Team (if 8th grade)
U16  2008 and 2009 Advanced U16 Race Team or U20 Race Team
U18 & U20 2004 to 2007 Advanced U20 Race Team

**age groups are defined by your child’s age on December 31st, 2024