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Clubhouse Chronicles: Health as a Team Sport

February 19, 2021

This column was originally published by Erin Young, AVSC's Athletic Trainer, in the Aspen Times as part of our column,Clubhouse Chronicles.

As we all have experienced, COVID-19 has affected our everyday patterns and behaviors. We’ve all made changes to our day-to-day routines: adjusting to working and/or learning from home, attending telehealth medical appointments, exchanging a gym membership for a Peloton or other at-home workout subscription. While some of these changes have been beneficial, some have provided greater challenges and consequences.

Athletes of all levels have Quick read more or view full article felt the effects of these changes — positive and negative — to their typical training routines. Across the sports world, there has been concern regarding the potential for increased athletic and sports-related injuries, especially for those who may not have been able to train in the summer and preseason how they typically would.

One could use pro sports as a case study this year: while injuries (and especially early-season injuries) are not an anomaly, the NFL experienced record-breaking season-ending injuries during the first two weeks of the season. Anecdotally, this seems to be a trend in the FIS Alpine World Cup as well.

At AVSC, we were grateful to either adapt or preserve the majority of our pre-season training. Physical health aside (for a moment), we felt it was imperative for the mental health and wellbeing of our athletes to stay connected to their team and community. Virtual workouts in the spring transitioned to an early start to pre-season at-home workouts in May and June, at which point summer skiing opportunities came to fruition both at home and in Mt. Hood.

By mid-summer, athletes were back in the gym and ever since, have been exercising and participating in on-snow training and competition in a largely “normal” capacity.

I am proud of our athletes for consistently showing up and giving it their all, not just on the hill, but on Zoom and in the gym. This has made a major difference in their strength and fitness. So far, we’ve done everything we could to go into this year with the same, and for some, an increased level of preparation with the goal of fewer injuries, more efficient recoveries, and better results as we continue through our competition season.

Unfortunately, even with thoughtful preparation, sometimes we face the reality of injury. When this happens, we are incredibly grateful to have amazing healthcare at our fingertips to streamline the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

This is our first season partnering with The Steadman Clinic, and we are thrilled to be teamed up with such an incredible leader in the sports medicine field. We have direct access to their research, knowledge and world-class medical team — many of whom have helped the best in sport return to the top of their game.

While we’ve always been grateful for the great healthcare in our valley, our partnership with The Steadman Clinic means that our athletes have easier access to the best care possible while on the road, too — we’ve had athletes visit The Steadman Clinic locations in Summit and Eagle counties while traveling for competition.

While we’re in the thick of our current competitive season, we’re also just around the corner from the next preseason training block. Winter goes fast, especially with the recent string of powder days our community has enjoyed! We are looking forward to partnering with The Steadman Clinic on proactive measures to keep AVSC athletes healthy, strong and prepared for next season and beyond.

Clubhouse Chronicles is a behind-the-scenes column written by the Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club that runs periodically in the Outdoors and Sports sections.

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Audi Ajax Cup Video + Photos

January 7, 2021
Thank you to our Audi Ajax Cup Team Captains, Pros, racers, and sponsors for an amazing day on the Stapleton Training Center!  More than ever, we believe in the physical and mental benefits of skiing and snowboarding and the mentorship, camaraderie, challenges, and fun that kids experience on the mountain through our programs. Thank you for helping us make it happen!

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Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club 2020 Annual Report

January 5, 2021
None of us could have predicted the challenges that 2020 brought, but AVSC is incredibly grateful that our athletes enjoyed a year full of growth, challenge, and fun once we were able to adapt our programs to accommodate for the current environment. In the 2020 Annual Report, we recap the past year at AVSC, highlight various programs and team members, and thank all who make it possible to get 2,400 local kids on snow! Here's to a great 2021 chasing our passions with the support of the best community we could ask for - thank you Quick read more or view full article for being here with us!

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Watch the Audi Ajax Cup LIVE!

December 29, 2020
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Happy Holidays and a Reimagined Ajax Cup

December 23, 2020
December 23rd, 2020
Dear AVSC Community,
In a "normal" year at Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club, the holidays are both a time of bustling athletic activity and a time to catch up with our broader AVSC community. Typically, alumni are back in town, parents often have more flexible work schedules and have more time to chat at drop off and pick up, our friends from out of town are here for a significant stretch of time, and we welcome hundreds of AVSC supporters to race in and spectate the Audi Ajax Cup.
COVID-19 has changed things, but Quick read more or view full article together with Pitkin County Public Health, Aspen Valley Hospital, The Steadman Clinic, and Aspen Skiing Company we were able to put together a plan to safely and robustly continue our on-hill operations for coaches and athletes this year. As you know, our athletes have been on snow since early November. The Stapleton Training Center opened to all disciplines the earliest that it ever has this year. Aspen Supports Kids kicked off with early-season programs in Snowmass, soon we'll have Powder Pandas all over Buttermilk, Aspenauts blasting off at Snowmass, and all other groups on snow, too. Our athletes are enjoying productive training, great conditions, and safe camaraderie - things that are meaningful in any given year, but particularly now.
One week from today, we will open the Stapleton Training Center up to our Audi Ajax Cup racers. While we will miss the crowds on the viewing platform, the free-flowing snacks and drinks, and the lively après party, we are so grateful to provide our Ajax Cup community with a similar experience to what we've worked so hard to make happen for our athletes this year. With strict COVID-19 protocols in place, they will have the opportunity to enjoy a similar experience to the daily life of the athletes that they so fervently believe in and support. Back to the basics - no party, just racing - and back to the reason why this event, when it was dreamed up by a passionate few over a decade ago, made perfect sense for us. We are a club for skiers and snowboarders, by skiers and snowboarders. A black tie gala just wouldn't be the same!
While we will have no spectators in person, you can tune into the livestream to watch the action unfold at the Stapleton Training Center. Visit, or our AVSC Facebook page on December 30th to tune in, the race starts at 9am! The Audi Ajax Cup is our largest and most impactful fundraiser, the event that makes it possible for us to fulfill our mission of helping local kids grow into great athletes and great kids through winter sports. Last year we raised over $900,000! This helps us not only provide generous individual scholarships, but also reduce program fees across the board.  
I am proud of our staff, our athletes, and our winter sports community for nimbly adapting to the challenges brought about by COVID-19 and approaching this season with a positive, growth-oriented mindset. Our goal is to keep our athletes healthy, engaged, and safely connected to their friends and mentors. I am grateful we're able to do that this winter, and, as we enjoy our 84th season, I am grateful that we'll be able to continue to do that in the future!
Happy Holidays and thank you for being a part of our community. This year has been challenging for all of us, but the ability to get outside and do what we love sure makes it easier. Cheers to health and happiness in 2021!
All the best,

Mark Godomsky 
Executive Director 
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