Freestyle Ramp Camp @ UOP

AVSC Ramp Camp at The Utah Olympic Park

AVSC Ramp Camp at The Utah Olympic Park (Park City, Utah)
The Utah Olympic Park is an amazing facility with multiple jumps in to an aerated (air bubbles to soften the water) pool.  Three years ago the facility had a major remodel.  All the jumps have been rebuilt with additional jumps added.  Here’s a video of the new facility:
The Utah Olympic Park also has a great trampoline set up next to the pool.  This camp will give our athletes an additional chance to learn new tricks, keep sharp and give a little more time to work on things until we get back on snow.
Our Team will rent a house or condo close to Park City and the UOP.  We will have team breakfast, dinners and pack lunches each day.
August 12, Depart AVSC for Park City (early around 7am), tramp and ramp at UOP on arrival
August 13,14,15, Water ramp and tramp at Utah Olympic Park
August 16, Return to Aspen after water ramping, arriving back in Aspen 9-10pm
Cost $850 includes: Transportation, lodging, meals, coaching and admission to UOP.
We have a limit of 10 athletes so sign up today to secure your spot.  Each year has sold out.
This Camp is open to athletes 11 and older.

If any younger athletes are interested, let us know.  If there's interest, we would like to schedule a 3 day trip the same week for ages 7-10 (contact Eric).
Please contact Eric Knight with any questions at 205-5130 or