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May 15, 2018
Join the team at Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club! We are looking for two new team members: an Aspen Supports Kids Program Director and a Director of Finance. 

Click here to learn more about the Aspen Supports Kids Program Director position.

Click here to learn more about the Director of Finance position.

We plan to start reviewing applications on June 1st. Please see job descriptions (above) for directions on how to apply. 


AVSC: USSA Snowboarding + Freeskiing Club of the Year!

May 5, 2018
This article was originally published by Austin Colbert of The Aspen Times.

Two of the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club's programs earned some big-time recognition by U.S. Ski and Snowboard this week. The AVSC's freeskiing and snowboard programs were both named club of the year by the organization, with each having significant competition results this winter.

"Both programs had phenomenal seasons. While the results in higher-level competitions are certainly impressive, I am equally proud of what's being cultivated at the developmental level," AVSC executive director Mark Quick read more or view full article Godomsky said in a news release. "Our coaches and program directors have worked incredibly hard to build the best experience for our athletes — not only are kids progressing athletically at a rapid rate, but they're developing confidence and character and really coming into themselves simultaneously."

The freestyle program, directed by Eric Knight, was led this season by Cassidy Jarrell, who won the overall Revolution Tour championship in the halfpipe and repeated as the national champion. The freeskiers won a total of 14 medals at USASA nationals, including a U15 national title from Kai Morris.

Reese Chapdelaine (U13) and Mahlia Torres (U9) each had perfect seasons in their respective age classes in Rocky Mountain freestyle mogul competition. Andy Bass, Max Bass, Hudson Flynn and Hanna Lamm all won their age classes at the Steamboat big mountain regional competition.

The AVSC snowboard program, directed by Jason Cook, saw impressive results from halfpipe rider Robert Pettit, who competed in the Snowmass Grand Prix, and up-and-comer Jake Canter, who won the Junior Jam contest at the Burton U.S. Open in Vail. Canter, who lives in Summit County, also finished first in the halfpipe and third in slopestyle on the World Rookie Tour, and took second in the open class of the men's halfpipe at USASA nationals.

Shane Serrano was first and Hunter Hill third at the Air Nation Canada halfpipe contest, with Canter, Malem McDaniel and Logan Lauffer going 1-2-3 in the youth men's Revolution Tour qualifier in Copper.

On top of all this, the two programs combined to have five former athletes compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. Alex Ferreira, who won Olympic silver, and Torin Yater-Wallace competed in ski halfpipe, Chris Corning in snowboard big air and slopestyle, Jake Pates in snowboard halfpipe and Hagen Kearney in snowboardcross.

The awards will be presented to AVSC during the Chairman's Awards Dinner at the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Congress on May 3 in Park City, Utah. Read Less

Honoring Bob Beattie - Aspen Supports Kids

April 18, 2018
Dear AVSC Community,
A few weeks ago, I wrote to share some thoughts on Bob Beattie, who was a dear friend to Aspen Valley Ski & Snowboard Club. In the time since his passing, we have thought a lot about how best to honor Bob's legacy here at AVSC. One of the things he was most persistent about with the AVSC team was his desire for our recreational program to once again be called "Aspen Supports Kids," the program's original name.
We are happy to share that starting next Quick read more or view full article season, the Base Camp program will be called Aspen Supports Kids once again! While the program has grown from 25 kids to 1,600 since the time that Bob, Brooke Peterson, and Charif Souki started it nearly 30 years ago, the mission has remained the same: accessibility to skiing and snowboarding for local youth.
In addition to the program name change, AVSC, the Beattie family, and The Bob Beattie Ski Foundation are excited to announce a generous $45,000 match for donations made in Bob's memory to the club's Bob Beattie Endowment Fund, a fund named a decade ago to honor Bob's impact. Donations made before June 1, 2018 will be matched dollar for dollar up to the full $45,000 thanks to Zeno Beattie, Jackie and John Bucksbaum, Christin Cooper and Mark Tache, Sue and Ron Hopkinson, Carol and Mike Hundert, Peter Looram, and Yvonne and Otto Tschudi.
Bob saw potential in every child and cared deeply about their personal and athletic growth. This program was his pride and joy. We hope you will join us in honoring Bob by continuing to create opportunities for local kids to learn to ski and snowboard. Gifts can be made online, by check (made out to AVSC with "Bob Beattie" in the memo) or by phone (please call Miah Wheeler at (970) 205-5102).
Thank you to all who have shared stories and memories with us in the past few weeks; they are a testament to Bob's incredible impact on our community. One amazing tribute was the letter AVSC Alumnus Bobby Moyer wrote, which 9News featured here

We look forward to celebrating Bob's life with you all on December 8th, 2018 in Aspen; we will share more details regarding the celebration in the coming months.


Mark Godomsky
Executive Director, AVSC
View the full press release hereRead Less

Recap: AVSC Awards Banquet

April 16, 2018
We had a great evening celebrating the growth and accomplisments of our TEAM athletes last week at the Inn at Aspen! Thanks to all who made this season an awesome one! 

Check out pictures from the evening here. 

Check out the end of season recap video here.

Award Winners:  Quick read more or view full articleheight="20">
Community Partner: 
Aspen Snowmass Nordic Trail System
Bob Beattie Award:
Stafford Grey
Tage Pedersen Commitment Award
Younger:   Corbin Carpenter
Older:    Lola Villafranco
Younger:  Tabatha Galicia
Older:   Gus Sigel
Younger:    Hunter Maytin
Older:    Jackson Ferraro
Younger:  Jack Hamm & Alex Engelmann
Older:   Devon Toribio
Robert Oden Teamwork Award
Younger:   Edwin Ryerson
Older:    Elizabeth Barsness
Younger:   Oliver Pullis
Older:    Malem McDaniel
Younger:    Montana Flynn
Older:    Hanna Faulhaber
Younger:   Zala Smalls
Older:   Devon Garber
Dick Butera Integrity Award
Younger:    Eske Roennau
Older:     Colt Whitley
Younger:   Roan Smith
Older:     Shayne Sandblom
Younger:    Jaelyn Spraker
Older:      Aaron Lee
Younger:    Cate Simpson
Older:     Arie Van Vuuren
Gale Spence Excellence in Coaching
Nordic:    Sari Anderson
Snowboard:   Wylie Adams
Freestyle:  Amy Mishkin; Emma Whitelande
Alpine:   Jonas Nyberg
Ruth Whyte Outstanding Volunteer
Nordic:    Craig Wheeless
Snowboard:   BJ Trouskie
Freestyle:   Matt Lamm
Alpine:   Julia Carranza
Adaptive: Dave Sturt a.k.a. "Aloha Dave"  
Stirling Cooper Award
Nordic:  Taiga Moore
Snowboard:    Robert Pettit
Freestyle:   Orion Cherney
Alpine:    Ben Throm
Willoughby Award 
Nordic:  Chelsea Moore 
Snowboard: Isabella Borenstein
Freestyle: Logan Brown
Alpine:    Mariel Gorsuch
Pursuit of Excellence: 
Nordic:   Kate Oldham
Snowboard:   Jake Canter
Freestyle:   Cassidy Jarrell
Alpine:  Ally Cornelius & Isabella Wright   
Andy Mill (chosen from the Pursuit of Excellence nominees)
Cassidy Jarrell
Graduating Seniors: 
Chelsea Moore, Jacob Barsness, 
Rickey Wojcik, Maya McDonough
Bella Borenstein, Noah Anthony
Frank "Logan" Brown
Jackson Ferraro
Cassidy Jarrell
Mariel Gorsuch, Jake Bassi, Anya Elizondo, 
Dexter Edelman, Zoe Schein, Heath Colon
Alpine - Most Improved:
Younger:  Riley Puckett
Older:  Heath Colon & Jack Bowers
Nordic - Most Improved:
Younger:  Juniper Anderson
Older:  Everett Olson
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Roaring Fork Series Results

March 26, 2018
AVSC Alpine Roaring Fork Series The Roaring Fork Race Series is designed to fulfill head to head racing needs at a local level, introduce new athletes to racing and minimize travel costs. The series is open to all AVSC, Sunlight and Powderhorn racers up the age of 14. This past Sunday, we wrapped up our final RFRS race of the season with a fun dual and BBQ at Highlands. Congratulations to all the athletes and thank you to the coaches, parents, and community members that make it all happen! 

2018 Quick read more or view full article Roaring Fork Series Overall Results
1 Devon Phillips AVSC 400
2 Tessa Osborne AVSC 390
3 Mary Morse AVSC 212
4 (tie) Elektra Ferry AVSC 190
4 (tie) Piper DeHaven AVSC 190
6 Sienna Ettlinger AVSC 135
7 Rocksy Kroeger AVSC 130
8 Ryleigh Regan Powderhorn 120
9 Caleah Lutz Sladdin AVSC 112
10 Mackenzie Klindworth AVSC 100
11 Whitney McManus AVSC 68
12 Molly McPhee AVSC 32
1 (tie) Cameron Blatz AVSC 400
1 (tie) Luka Smalls AVSC 400
3 Josh Stephen AVSC 305
4 Matthew McDermott AVSC 232
5 Archer Davenport AVSC 180
6 Valen Bruice AVSC 152
7 James Stokes AVSC 147
8 Thomas Robinson AVSC 123
9 (tie) Dylan Mika AVSC 116
9 (tie) Tate Rice AVSC 116
11 Charlie Sinclair AVSC 108
12 Wyatt Calliham AVSC 101
13 Bode Lentz AVSC 86
14 Malcolm Berg AVSC 77
15 Thor Raarup AVSC 74
16 Gavin Smith AVSC 57
17 Liam Colon AVSC 46
18 Cody Lewis AVSC 40
19 (tie) Chapin Turner Sunlight 38
19 (tie) Connor Anderson AVSC 38
21 Eli Peters Powderhorn 36
22 Luke Roy AVSC 32
1 Annika Johansson AVSC 300
2 Chantal Smith AVSC 246
3 Morgan Phillips AVSC 245
4 Kahlen White AVSC 241
5 Lexi Munro AVSC 216
6 Alika Bassi AVSC 197
7 Clare Irvin AVSC 150
8 Katie Raarup AVSC 145
9 Maria Teresa Valentini AVSC 143
10 Zoe Sheldrake AVSC 140
11 Darienne Kenny AVSC 128
12 Harper Hodgson AVSC 121
13 Maia Ettlinger AVSC 110
14 Annabelle Francis AVSC 104
15 Teagan Newhard AVSC 93
16 (tie) Gemma Baker AVSC 76
16 (tie) Lorraine Potvin AVSC 76
18 Leila Baker AVSC 71
19 Quintessa Frisch AVSC 64
20 (tie) Elle Eggleston AVSC 58
20 (tie) Tessa Andrulaitis AVSC 58
22 Sydney Andrulaitis AVSC 49
23 Ava Goldberg AVSC 39
24 Sarah Foster Powderhorn 29
25 (tie) Lila Russell AVSC 26
25 (tie) Rachel Hanly Powderhorn 26
1 Eli Cohen AVSC 500
2 Jaden Schille AVSC 320
3 Luke Parker Hamm AVSC 270
4 Viggo Morgan AVSC 170
5 Fletcher Hutto AVSC 161
6 Lucas McDermott AVSC 151
7 Sawyer Hutto AVSC 146
8 (tie) Casey Blatz AVSC 141
8 (tie) Nico Smith AVSC 141
10 Monte Musselman AVSC 134
11 Parker Kendrick AVSC 118
12 Andrew Sherlock AVSC 111
13 Luke Balko AVSC 105
14 Aksel Ferry AVSC 103
15 Pearse Stainton AVSC 100
16 Sawyer Johnson AVSC 80
17 Brett Eggleston AVSC 72
18 Ryder Davies AVSC 68
19 Matthew Kelly AVSC 38
20 Fritz Simmons AVSC 32
21 Finn McDermott AVSC 28
22 Ethan Flynn AVSC 27
23 (tie) Sam Noem AVSC 26
23 (tie) Wyatt Knapp AVSC 26
25 Owen Bickham AVSC 24
1 Chloe Smith AVSC 320
2 Sienna Hendrickson AVSC 260
3 Stella Sherlock AVSC 240
4 Jasper Johnson AVSC 220
5 Samantha Edelman AVSC 200
6 Molly McManus AVSC 170
7 Tigist AVSC 170
8 Zala Smalls AVSC 153
9 Cate Simpson AVSC 129
10 Jenna Goldsmith AVSC 106
11 Eleri Colon AVSC 100
12 Ronnie Bedford AVSC 100
13 Alexis Tarumianz AVSC 76
14 Myla Gumone Powderhorn 64
15 Ava Kaplan AVSC 55
1 Peter Stapfer Paz AVSC 280
2 John Schille AVSC 246
3 Connor Stephen AVSC 210
4 Jake Morgan AVSC 200
5 Nate Balko AVSC 197
6 Kenny McPhee AVSC 195
7 Thomas Lizotte AVSC 181
8 Ethan Bloom AVSC 162
9 Jack Camren Hamm AVSC 160
10 Federico Valentini AVSC 140
11 Phineas Elliot AVSC 127
12 JJ Kelly AVSC 90
13 Hudson Klindworth AVSC 81
14 Nick Godomsky AVSC 74
15 Cooper Robinson Sunlight 64
16 Chase Kelly AVSC 60
17 Ryder Sisac AVSC 53
18 Gage Muxworthy AVSC 45
19 Alden Turner Sunlight 44
20 Ryder Suplizio Powderhorn 42
21 Quintan Regan Powderhorn 36
22 Josiah Hanly Powderhorn 32
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