School Absences

Pre-arranged Absences for Aspen School District

The pre-arranged absence is designed to give students the opportunity to take advantage of unique extended educational/athletic experiences or deal with family crises/issues that cannot be handled outside of scheduled school days. It is not intended to be used for extended vacation time.

The pre-arranged absence requires students to obtain an official school pre-arranged form from the attendance assistant in the front office. It is the responsibility of the student to fill in their portion of the form and then see each teacher whose classes will be missed during the absence. Each teacher will note any assignments that are required to be completed during the student’s absence, any additional reading that needs to be done, and any tests/quizzes that may be missed. Teachers may ask students to do assignments prior to their absence.  Once teacher information has been noted, students must obtain the signature of the assistant principal and leave a copy of the completed form in the main office.

Pre-arranged absence requests MUST be done at least 5 school days in advance of the actual absence. This gives teachers an opportunity to prepare any packets of study or additional information for the student. It also gives teachers an opportunity to ask students to take tests or quizzes ahead of time

Any work noted by teachers is required to be made up by the student within a timeframe equal to that of their absence. Students (NOT TEACHERS) are accountable for the made up work. If work is not made up in the appropriate timeframe teachers are not required to extend the time or give credit for the missing work.

In order to obtain a pre-arranged absence form a parent or guardian needs to send a note to the attendance assistant requesting the pre-arranged absence and stating the days of anticipated absence. This note will be kept in the front office as an official request for the pre-arranged absence. In lieu of a note, the parent may call the attendance assistant with the information.

*NOTE: Once obtained the pre-arranged form must be completely filled out and authorized and a copy returned to the main office to be valid. If it is not, the absences will count toward potential loss of credit.

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