Academic Resources

Aspen High School’s Tutors

Charlie Anastas
Spanish all levels including IB; IB trained English grades 9 and 10 (Lit and Comp, American Lit.), Geography, US History, Modern World History 
Josh Anderson
(303) 667-0211
Science (Physics and Chemistry) and Math (all)
Karen Angus
(970) 319-1817
English, Social Studies, Study/Organization Skills, Writing  9-12
Chris Bonadies
(970) 379-8487
College Prep Tutor
Julie Case
(970) 618-5656
Writing Tutor
Candice Clauss
(720) 273-6386
All standardized test prep (ACT; SAT; SSAT; GRE) and college applications and essay writing 
Janis Dybdahl
(970) 923-2788
French and Spanish
Giovanna DiRusso
(970) 618-5656
Emily W. Farrell  (303) 887-7570
Academic Coach / Counseling Services 5-12
Mike Flynn
(970) 922-0914 / (970) 948-6893
Physics, IB and Regular; All Earth Sciences 
Amber Franze
(970) 389-1520
College & Career Coach  
Trey Gantt (770) 712-2686
Math through Calculus & Stats; Biology & Physics   
John Haskell
(440) 829-9018
English, SAT/ACT/College Prep
Laurel Henderson (970) 946-6808
Spanish and English 9-12
Stacey Hernandez (720) 588-9633
Independent college counseling company  10-12
Heather Hicks
(970) 309-8859
 Spanish (No IB) 9-12
David Joseph (917) 355-8001
Academic Tutor  
Philip Kalfas
(970) 319-5571
All Math, Science, History, English, ACT/SAT/SSAT College Test Prep
Linda Karaus (970) 618-7027 / (970) 920-3866
College Planning Assistance   
Soraya Khalje
(970) 930-1235
All subjects including College Prep except Foreign Language
Missy April Klug
(970) 309-7035
Adolescent Educational Tutor & Counselor; Expertise in English and History
Hana Lewicki
(608) 215-1386
Brent Maiolo
(970) 456-5907
Lynda McCarthy
(970) 925-8292
English, Geography, SAT, Study Skills, Algebra, College Essays and Applications 
Whitney McCarthy
(803) 292-0798
Math, Science
Joyce Meredith (970) 618-4937
Math and Science; ACT and SAT plus Subject Tests; Instruction to support online and correspondence courses in all subjects except foreign language 9-12
Jim Morris
(970) 274-4086
All Mathematics 5-12
Jenny Peterson
(970) 274-5150
Algebra I and II (Regular and Advanced); Geometry (Regular and Advanced); Precalculus; IB Mathematics; IB Biology I and II; Chemistry (any level)
Anne Roland
(970) 923-2115
French Native Educatior (IB and AP trained)
Susan Sanchez (970) 309-4654
Algebra I through IB Maths/Calculus I 9-12
Elizabeth Schwartz (970) 404-2066 / (970) 544-5808
College Application Tutor  11-12
Elizabeth Stewart-Severy (970) 329-2782
Fordy Sinkinson (970) 319-5689
Eleanor Shelton (734) 646-7010
Writing Coach / College Application Tutor 9-12
Bob Stewart (970) 927-3479; (970) 379-4995
All Subjects: Special Education, Learning Disabilities  K-12
Tess Strokes  (541) 206-3083
General Writing Tutor / Coach including college essays  9-12
Kevin Ward (970) 309-3390
Expert Common App and School-specific Essay Tutoring; Writing/Counseling taught Literature/Writing at Harvard; Harvard Interviewer  10-12
Noah Webber  (309) 368-8335
All levels of Math, Science, English; Experience with Learning Disabilities   
Carolyn Williams (970) 274-6298  
Judy Wrigley (970) 925-3018
Spanish, French, and English 9-12
*Although Aspen School District provides names and numbers of area tutors, our district does not represent nor necessarily endorse any of these individuals. 

Online Learning

We get many questions about online learning opportunities in conjunction with in-school coursework. If you are an Aspen High student, please connect with your counselors and/or school administration because Aspen High now offers online courses!  Let me repeat, ASPEN HIGH NOW HAS ITS OWN ONLINE OFFERINGS

The Colorado Department of Education also has certified online offerings that are available for all students in the state of Colorado. Here is a link that you can reference prior to speaking with your school administration-


Students / Parents Please Note:

Prior to registering for any online coursework, please coordinate with your school administration and/or counselor for approvals to make sure that you will receive the correct credits on your school transcript.

Also, AVSC athletes attending Aspen High School must take English classes at AHS. No High School credits will be given for any online English classes.

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