Annual AVSC Willoughby Award

AVSC recognizes the vital importance of academics. It is a tremendous accomplishment for our athletes to balance their studies with training and competitions. To excel in the classroom and on the snow is truly remarkable. This award is given to an athlete demonstrating outstanding achievement in athletics and academics. Frank Willoughby was one of the founding fathers of AVSC and of skiing in Aspen. He served two terms as President of the AVSC Board of Directors in the late 30's and again the mid-40's. From the Midnight Mine, Frank operated the first snow-cat on Aspen Mountain.

2003- 2004 winner:  Nordic Skier Maile Wade
2004- 2005 winner:  Freestyle/Freeride Skier John Lafferty
2005- 2006 winner:  Freestyle/Freeride Skier Rachel Weitzenkorn
2006- 2007 winner:  Nordic Skier Laura Hatanaka
2007- 2008 winner:  Nordic Skier Natalie Obermeyer
2008- 2009 winner:  Nordic Skier Brittany Marrs
2009- 2010 winner:  Alpine Skier Alex Maple
2010- 2011 winner:  Alpine Skier Kevin Hartmann
2011- 2012 winner:  Alpine Skier Kevin Hartmann
2012- 2013 winner:  Nordic Skier Sophie Stuber
2013- 2014 winner:  Nordic Skier Sophie Stuber
2014- 2015 winner:  Nordic Skier Julia Budsey
2015- 2016 winner:  Nordic Skier Hailey Swirbul 
2016- 2017 winner: Freestyle Skier Ethan Burkley
2017-2018 winner: Nordic Skier Chelsea Moore
2018-2019 winner: Nordic Skier Colt Whitley
2019-2020 winner: Nordic Skier Kate Oldham